Welcome to Younity Winery’s Page

We’re getting closer to the 2014 Season!

Inventory as of 02-10-14


Maine Black Bear…ee First batch Sold out like that!  New Batch ready February 22nd….ish.

Tickled Pink….. We have plenty!

Pie Eyed – Spiced Pumpkin wine - Ready and is fantastic

Maine’s House Wine – Blueberry, with new collector’s labels . We have plenty!

Saint Croix – Dry Red from our grapes! Our 2012 season, We have limited amounts left. 2013 vintage to be released in February 2014.

Rhuby Slippers - Out of stock till March.

The Palmer Sisters – Sorry… sold out last week. This is our classic dry& Oaky Elderberry wine.  Having ‘missed the boat’ on Elderberries for 2012, we have procured several new sources for harvest of 2013. So what is in the stores as well as the few bottles we have left here…. is all we’ll have till 2014

We’ll see you soon…you can still call for an appointed visit!


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