Welcome to Younity Winery’s Page

Open Fri, Sat & Sun July 25,6,7,
9 AM-6 PM
During week M-H please call 948-7777 for appointment.

Inventory as of 07-26-14

NEW!! Out of This World…. Our newest Pink Grape wine. (our vines)

Tickled Pink….. We have plenty!

Pie Eyed – Spiced Pumpkin wine – This one has the OMG Factor. It is Ready & Fantastic

Maine’s House Wine – Blueberry, with new collector’s labels . We have plenty!

Saint Croix – Dry Red from our grapes! We have both 2012 and 2013 seasons limited amounts left 2012

Rhuby Slippers - We have plenty!

Over a Barrel - We have plenty!

Maine Cornucopia - Almost gone….5 bottles left!

Maine Black Bear…ee Sold out till later in the Fall.

The Palmer Sisters – Sorry… sold out till we can find another Maine source of Elderberries. This is our classic dry & Oaky Elderberry wine.

We’ll see you soon…you can still call for an appointed visit!


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