Tickled Pink

Thanks for using the QR on the Bottle.  :^)

This is our Cranberry Wine with a HUGE personality! It is a blend of two different cranberries… the best of both for You!

It is ever-so slightly sweet and is great on a warm summer day.

Pair it with: Thanksgiving Turkey!! My Mamma said ‘Don’t wash your food down’. Yeah but she never had Tickled Pink. A mouth-full of white turkey meat chased with Tickled Pink is really good. Remember, Eat Responsibly.  :^)

Pair it with: Friends!

Pair it with a tuna fish sandwich. Hey, it adds class to a plain sandwich.

Pair it with a Pear!

Pair it with a fruit melody. Try putting a cup in a melody of fruit on one of our hot Maine summer days. It is a treat and is so refreshing. So many fun things to do and so little time.

Email your ideas…please. I’ll post them here.  Clem

6 Responses to Tickled Pink

  1. Jeraleh Kastner says:


    I tried your Tickled Pink wine about a year or so ago and LOVED it and was wondering if there was any way I could order some and have it shipped to me in Washington?

    • Hi Jeraleh,

      I am so glad you LOVED it! :^) Thank You!

      Yes there is a way. Please give me a week or so so work on it for a couple reasons. 1. We are out of the previous batch and the new batch is just finishing up it’s bubbling behind me. :^) 2. I am working out the details on setting up PayPal on this site.
      and… 3. We try to make the shipping the most cost effective as possible. I have yet to put my email address on the site, so I’ll email you directly with information as well as post to share with all here. Clem

  2. Julie Downer says:

    I hopefully boast as one of Tickled Pink’s earliest fans! I enjoy a sweet wine with a delightful crisp taste and melodious after taste….Tickled Pink is just that! My husband, who is not commonly a wine drinker, also enjoys being Tickled Pink as well!
    Thank you Clem for bringing your passion and talent to our area!

    • Thank you Julie for the Great Testimonial and support over the years. Yup you’re right, it was a little less than four years ago that we released our very first batch of Tickled Pink. We still have some of the original bottles from that batch. It is very bubbly now and just incredible! One of those has your name on it when you come visit us at the Grand Opening of our new Tasting Room any time Memorial Day Weekend! Clem

  3. Gregory & maria Lebel says:

    Clem We really Enjoyed & Appreaciated That You Took The Time To Talk Yo Us & Show Us Your Grapes. We Enjoyed The Wine Tasting, And Enjoyed The Wild blue When We Got Home. Hope To See You Again.