Starting Out

We moved here in May of 2007. We planted over a mile of grapes with hopes of building a wine house and getting going right away.  Then the economy started going sour. We didn’t and we are still going. We got our license in 2009 nine and also redid the basement to make the wine. Over the years, I have watched a lot of wineries start out just like us. In a garage, or a barn, in the basement but don’t ever end up in the dog house. Now the winter of 2014-15 we will be going through another change because we are growing. Spring of 2015 things are going to be different.

3 Responses to Starting Out

  1. Robert Brummel says:

    Picked up a bottle of your Cornucopia wine(which I really like!) at the Woods+Waters store in Millenocket.Stopped in their last fall and suggested they should stock your wine and now they do!

  2. I am so glad you loved our Tickled Pink!

    Yes, we just bottled more. I’ll be updating the quantities within a couple days.
    This next batch is slightly stronger…. A little more attitude. :^)

    Take care and have a great summer! Clem

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