Who are we?

Hi, I’m Clem – The Barefoot Vintner & and my wife Jeri. I couldn’t make it work without her. I’m from Washington State ¬†and Jeri was born & raised right here in Maine. I grew up making and learning wine in the Northwest. It’s a little different than Maine.

We do not parrot Napa wines. We are not Napa wines. We are Maine wines and we have our different flavor. If you want those California wines… you won’t find them here. Our wines are different just as I am.

We are open on the weekends and do be prepared with a dry pallet, and a clean ear. I’m going to talk your ear off and a bunch of ears on the floor are no fun to sweep up! So come with clothes pins for your ears to hold them in place.

We are never in a hurry to move you through. It about an experience; not a product.

Here is our Contact Information:

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  1. Clem,
    Nice chatting last night at the Senior College reception. I enjoyed the two wines I tasted very much. The Brieanna (?) reminds me of a muscato.
    Any possibility we could have your one-page brochures for our July 12 class at Senior College? The trail maps will be a wonderful addition to our handouts.
    The class is capped at 16. Mail address is 31 Bowling Green Lane, Belfast, ME 04915

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