Our Wines

Our wines are Non-Traditional and not normal just like the wine maker. Life is too short to be predictable, life is too short to be normal, Younity Winery is not here to impress, but make long lasting friends.

Pssst. We are not allowed to say that our wines are healthy on the labels. However it is the truth and we will make that statement here in our tasting room!

We use minimal amounts of Sulfates in the making of our wines. This may cause some varieties to be a little too bubbly. If you experience this please contact us so we can make adjustments to future batches.

Our Tickled Pink uses no Sulfates in the process. The make of the fruit allows us not to require it. So you don’t have to worry about headaches when you drink our Tickled Pink.

We use organic cane dried sugar, therefore there are no residual chemicals in our sweeteners. It also creates a longer bandwidth on most pallets. Our wines lean toward the dryer end of the spectrum. We want your palate to enjoy all the nuances and characteristics each has to offer.