Maine’s House Wine

Inventory: Lots on hand at tasting room. :^)

Serve ‘Our’ House Wine in a wide mouth glass with Pasta dishes with mild cheeses. Right with your light summer lunch and supper dishes.

Okay so when you come visit our tasting room, you’ll no-doubt hear me rave about ‘Our’ state fruit. It’s our Wild Blueberries. Many of us are proud of these berries being ‘Ours’ and with that in mind, I went one step farther. I grabbed the name ‘Maine’s House wine‘ and applied it too our version of Blueberry wine. Ours is semi-dry fruity… but not too fruity and has a nice amount of alcohol. This IS NOT a blend with grape but 100% Blueberry from our supplier in Stockton Springs. Jay & Sherrie Stewart there in Stockton have been farming their Blueberries for Billions of years…. or at least several generations.

Now here is where it even gets better….our labels!  Classic Maine icons for our labels. We are doing a whole series of labels.  We are proud of our proud ‘Maine’s House Wine’ like you are proud of our Maine State. And you ‘Flatlanders’ love it too!  :^)


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  1. Simon says:


    is wild blueberry wine available to sell this month?

    we will visit acadia national park for a week at the end of june. we are from canada.


    • Yes Simon! Because the Wild Blueberry is our most popular one; we dare NOT ever run out of it! We have lots here at The Winery. And even though I want you to come here…. most Hanafords and wine shops toward Canada direction have our ‘Maine’s House Wine’ available. But please come to the winery; you won’t regret it! :^) Hugs from Clem & Jeri

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