Tickled Pink

Inventory: Lots on hand at tasting room. :^)

This is our Cranberry Wine with a HUGE personality! It is a blend of two different cranberries… the best of both for You!

It is ever-so slightly sweet and is great on a warm summer day.

Pair it with: Thanksgiving Turkey!! My Mamma said ‘Don’t wash your food down’. Yeah but she never had Tickled Pink. A mouth-full of white turkey meat chased with Tickled Pink is really good. Remember, Eat Responsibly.  :^)

Pair it with: Friends!

Pair it with a tuna fish sandwich. Hey, it adds class to a plain sandwich.

Pair it with a Pear!

Pair it with a fruit melody. Try putting a cup in a melody of fruit on one of our hot Maine summer days. It is a treat and is so refreshing. So many fun things to do and so little time.

Email your ideas…please. I’ll post them here.  Clem


2 Responses to Tickled Pink

  1. Emma Burgason says:

    Hello I recently purchased a bottle of the tickled pink wine and I noticed the elephant was wearing a santa hat. There was no other bottles with this on it around it and I haven’t ever seen it on a bottle before. Just wondering why this was because this is my favorite wine and it caught my attention! Thank you for your time!

    • The Santa Hat we throw on a few bottles to make it interesting and keep people on their toes. We sporatically throw in different inperations evry-so-often. It is ALL the same flavor and batch. Just different different lables….. sometimes. Our Maine House Wine; we have seven different lables all the time. Life is not predictable. Clem

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