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My wines are fun and unusual AND great! They are not the classic style wine instead, they have lots of personality.

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  1. Doreen says:

    Hi I live in Connecticut, my family is from Westbrook & Portland area. That said, my husband came back from a visit with friends who just moved up your way and brought me a bottle ruby slippers. I loved it and would like to try some of your other wines. I can’t go to Maine as much as I would like so I wondered if you would ship to me here. I am a good supporter of anything Main,ie B & M beans & brown bread, & let us not forget those wonderful Italian sandwich’ s Only Main lobster will do.What a treat,thank you for your time and you can get here from there.

    • Doreen,

      Thank you for your wonderful supporting comments. You are always welcome here at our Tasting Room to try ALL 18 of our different wines…..FREE and always.


      You can go here to order our wines……BUT I noticede CT is NOG on the ship to list. So get up here to our tasting room and let’s drink over CT’s misfortune and you having to come here instead. Clem

      Clem & Jeri Blakney
      Younity Winery & Vineyards, Inc.
      317 Albion Road
      Unity, ME 04988

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